Jai Ganesh– Jai Hanuman

🕉️ वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सूर्यकोटि समप्रभ।

निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा।।

O Bhagvan Ganesh the one whose splendor is equal to millions of Suns, please bless me to that I do not face any obstacles in my endeavors.

Jai Shri Krishna  Guruji Gopal Vyas.
Guruji was born in the year 1980 in the village of Vadnagar in the Indian state of Gujarat. After spending 5 years of his childhood in Vadnagar, he moved with his family to Vadodara, where he completed his studies.
Guruji Ashwin Bhai Pathak, Guruji Vasudev Vyas, and Guruji Vallabhbhai Pathak taught Dharma, Karmakand, Veda, and Purana at Maharaja Sayajirao University’s Sanskrit Mahavidhyalaya, as well as Guruji Kanubhai Purohit has taught vedik Astrology, Vastu Shastra.

Guruji addresses his followers in Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi, and English.

In India, Guruji organized Mahavishnu Yag, Prana Pratishtha Mahotsav, Maha Shiva Yajna, Navchandi Yajna, and other five-day festivals.
In 2004, Guruji began a new chapter in his life by becoming the Chief Priest of the Shri Radha Krishna Temple in Maput, Mozambique. Guruji also began his first Bhagwad Katha in 2006. in the year 2008 Guruji Join East London Hindu Society and East London Hindu Mandir Situated in East London ,South Africa and has remained with the organization ever since.

Guruji has successfully organized various programs during this Yatra, including the 108 Cape Hanuman Chalisa recitation in 2013 as part of the Youth Awareness, yoga camps on International Yoga Day, and various programs to raise health awareness. During the Corona pandemic, the social sector remained active, providing food for the needy, providing textbooks for children’s education, and distributing essentials.
Guruji Gopal Vyas continues to run various programs through technology to help the new generation understand the problem and give the right direction, such as live Bhagwad Gita talks on YouTube, Hanuman Chalisa, Bhajan Kirtan and Dharma Gyan talk show, online youth Activities like youth Conclave, daily Motivational messages on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp to bring self-confidence in the young generation and make their lives happy.

Guruji Gopal Vyas is constantly working for the society’s elders, spending time with them and always making the right decisions with  their blessings and experiences, as well as taking steps how to improve  and  how move the society forward.

Guruji now has followers in countries all over the world, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Kuwait.

Guruji delivered a speech at an event organized by the United Nations Welfare Foundation on how to increase cultural awareness in youth through educational reform and economic stability.

Guruji Gopal Vyas’s only objective in life is to spread humanity, to bring awareness among the younger generation about religion, culture, and traditions, as well as education and health awareness.

Guruji Gopal Vyas
Manav seva is Prabhu Seva.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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