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Jai Shree Krishna, Importance of Narsimaha Jayanti and Month of Vaishakh

The Month Vaishakh is named after Vishakha nakshatra – one 🌟among the 27 🌟 in Galaxy

As per Skanda Puran, this is an ideal month for all kinds of auspicious and spiritual activities. Because This Month is 

dedicated to Bhagvan Shree  Vishnu, Madhusudan form of Krishna is given importance in the month.

This Month Following Avatar of Bhagvan Shree Vishnu Avatar (Incarnation) has Took place in Different Era

🕉◻️Kurma Avtar (02nd Incarnation) of Bhagvan Vishnu Sunday -15th May 2022

 🕉◻️Narasimha Avtar (04th  incarnation) of Bhagvan Vishnu (Saturday 14th May 2022)

Also Following Auspicious day’s Also being celebrated.

◻️Akshaya Tritiya

◻️ Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti

◻️Ganga Puja and Ganga Saptami

◻️ Bhagvan Budhh Jayanti As well.

The purpose of  incarnation is to restore the cosmic order (i.e., eradicate the evil forces from earth and to restore the Dharma – the restoration of the divine)

Bhagvan Shree Vishnu, who takes upon himself the responsibility of safeguarding the lives of the subjects, and descends on earth.

Meaning of the Mantra

‘Om NamoBhagavateVasudevaya’ – is a salutation to the Bhagvan and can simply mean ‘I bow down to Vasudeva.’ However, this remains profound in its sense and significance.

‘Om’ is an eternal, universal sound and is hailed as Shabdha Brahman, the ultimate principle of speech sound. It denotes the supreme spirit. ‘Namo’ is a humble salutation. ‘Bhagavate’ is the supreme divinity, known generally as Bhagvan. ‘Va(a)sudevaya’  means ‘the son of Vasudeva’ and refers to Bhagvan Shree Krishna, who was born the son of Vasudeva. ‘Vasu’ can also mean ‘the one, who is the life force of all beings’ and ‘Devaya’ is the Almighty. Hence ‘Vasudevaya’ can also mean ‘the supreme divinity who lives in all lives.’

The mantra can thus be elaborated to mean ‘Oh Bhagvan, the son of Vasudeva, the Bhagvan who dwells in all beings, I bow down to you with all reverence and offer you my humble prayers.’

Saturday 14th May 2022, Bhagvan Narasimha avtar (Bhagvan Vishnu 4th avtar ).

🌞How to Celebrate? 

➡️☑️©️1 – Offer at least 108 Tulsi leaves to Bhagvan Vishnu.

☑️➡️©️2- Give Sidhu (Grocery) to Needy.

☑️➡️©️3- Chant Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevay Mantra as many time today

➡️©️4- Use Yallow Chana Dall in food  or Keep yallow Material with you or Keep yallow flower in house. To bring Mata Lakshmi and Bhagvan Vishnu Blessings in house.

ॐ उग्रं वीरं महाविष्णुं ज्वलन्तं सर्वतोमुखम् I

नृसिंहं भीषणं भद्रं मृत्यु मृत्युं नमाम्यहम् II

ॐ नृम नृम नृम नर सिंहाय नमः ।

Then if possible perform evening aarti in Home.

©️ At entrance light 5 lamps in evening By sprinkling Holy water Ganga.

✅📿☑️By the doing this Bhgvan Narsimha will remove critical problems from our life, will Help children to come out from fear and will bring joy, Happiness and Harmony in Family.

🔔🔔🔔 *Why*🔔🔔🔔

Lets understand why is important this Day, Narasimha Jayanti is celebrated on the day of Vaishakh Shukla Paksha’s Chaturdashi. Bhagvan  Narasimha  gives  power and victory. To His worshipers, Bhagvan Vishnu incarnated as a  Narasimha on this day and killed Hiranyakashyap to establish dharma in this world.

👉   Narasimha is one of the main incarnations of Bhagvan Vishnu.  Narasimha meance

Nar- half-human – Simha- half-lion. He killed Hiranyakashyap in this form. 

👉Sage  Kashyap and his wife Diti.  Had two sons who were known as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu. As Hiranyaksh

actions were (Adharmik) unrighteousness then Bhagvan Vishnu killes Hiranyaksha to protect the earth and mankind. 

👉 Then his brother Hiranyakashipu could not bear the death of his brother and wanted to take revenge.  Then he started to do Sadhna bhagvan Brahma , Vishnu and Mahesh finally he Has asked  Vardan as he didn’t wanted to die ,  but Bhagvan has asked him everyone has to die, so please ask something else ,then with cleaver move he has covered all reasons which can cause of death like , he has asked I will not die with any human nor any animal ,with any weapon nor any time during night or day etc.and Bhagvan has given him Vardan as he wanted and thereafter ,Hiranyakashipu established his rule in all Lokas. 

👉He even started ruling the heavens. All the Devas were helpless and could not do anything about Hiranyakashipu’s atrocities. 

©️©️In the meantime, his wife Kayadhu gave birth to a son who was named, Prahalad. This child did not resemble any demons and was totally devoted to Bhagvan Vishnu, Hiranyakashipu tried many different ways to distract Prahalad from his Faith and Belives Towards Bhagvan Vishnu and to make him a demon. 

📿All his attempts failed and Prahalad was devoted even more towards Bhagvan Vishnu. Due to Bhagvan Vishnu’s blessings, Prahalad was always saved from Hiranyakashipu’s atrocities. 

 👉Once, Hiranyakashipu tried to burn Prahalad. He made Prahalad sit over his sister’s (Holika) lap in fire. Holika was blessed with a boon that she could not burn in fire. But, with Prahalad sitting in her lap, Holika was burnt alive and nothing happened to Prahalad. 

📿👉  Seeing this, Hiranyakashipu was very angry. Even his subjects started worshipping Bhagvan Vishnu. He asked Prahalad about his Bhagvan. He asked his Bhagvan to appear in front of him. Prahalad replied by saying that the Bhagvan was present everywhere and resided in everything. Listening to this, Hiranyakashipu asked Prahalad if his Bhagvan resided in a pillar to which Prahalad replied, yes. 

📿📿Listening to this, Hiranyakashipu attacked the pillar and Bhagvan Narasimha appeared in front of him. 

🌞Bhagvan Narasimha held him on his legs and killed him by cutting his chest with his nails and reminded to Hiranyakashipu TO he is neither human. Nor animal, he didn’t used any weapons or time also was nether day or night, further he said neither he born or appear from earth he has comes from pillar and u have been killed by own karma.

🌞What is Bhagvan is want explain us in this Kalyug time?

👉  Bhagvan want to tell us our wealth, power, intelligence is use for humanitarian actions not to harm anyone also we shouldn’t be proud on ourselves by showing wealth, power, knowledge because that all given by Bhagvan and it can and will be taken by him if we misuse that, and we are witnessing in this days .






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