Shradha Paksha,

🌑🌕➡️🗯️Jai Shree Krishna, Pitru Paksh.– શ્રાદ્ધ— पितृ पक्ष

➡️➡️🌑🌕From Saturday 10th September 2022 to Sunday 25th September 2022

Pitru paksh is a sixteen-day period in which the Hindus pay homage to ancestors and respect them. During this time period – which begins with the first full moon (full moon) after Ananat Chaturdashi and ends on the new moon, not only allows the people to honour them from their direct biological lineage, but rather to their spiritual, and to whom who is involved in our moral and intellectual development. Through Tarpan… Havan… Daan…we can thanks our ancestors


when the warrior King Karna died during the Mahabharat war and his soul went to heaven, he was given gold ornaments instead of food. Feeling that he cannot keep himself on these things, he addressed Indra of Heaven and asked him why he is not getting real food. Then Indra told Karna because he gave these objects as their whole life charity but never donated food to their ancestors. On which Karna replied that he was not aware of ancestors. Upon hearing this Indra agreed to give one chance to Karna to Earth for a period of sixteen days so that he could cook food in the memory of her ancestors and donate.
After receiving 16 day’s Karna Use this opportunity to give peace to ancestors and also it has benefited him in Pitru lok.

1️⃣During this time Shradh is performed according to rituals. ➡️➡️➡️The first part is Pindadan, Pinda’s offering to the ancestors. Pinda is rice balls that are usually made from rice And use honey , Ghee and occasionally barley.

➡️The second part of the ceremony is the offering of water with a kusha grass, barley, flour and black sesame.

➡️offer food to the 🐄 cow.. Crow…or Dog Known as Kag vaas.

➡️➡️ avoid Following thing’s during Pitru paksha. Eat non-vegetarian foods; Eat onions, garlic food or junk food.

For All kind of online.. Pitru Pooja.. Daan or Advice contact Guruji Gopal Vyas, East London Hindu Mandir, South Africa.*

Jai Shree Krishna, Pitru Paksha Dates.

➡️ Dates Based on S.A Sunrise and sunset.

Tithi……. Date.

Saturday -10-09-2022


▶️2️⃣Dwitiya (Bij)- Monday-12-09-2022

▶️3️⃣Tritiya (Trij)– Tuesday -13-09-2022

▶️4️⃣Chaturthi ( Choth)– Wednesday -14-09-2022

▶️5️⃣Panchmi(Pancham) Thursday–15-09-2022

▶️6️⃣Shasthi ( chath)–

▶️7️⃣Saptami (Satam)–

▶️8️⃣Ashtami (Aatham)–

▶️9️⃣Navami (Nom)–
Monday -19-09-2022

▶️🔟Dashmi (Dasham)–

Ekadshi (Agiyaras)–
Wednesday -21-09-2022



▶️🌘Chaturdashi (chaudas)– Saturday-24-09-2022

🌑Amas (sarv Pitru)– Sunday-25-09-2022

Kindly Note on daily Pitru offering Should be Done By 12-45

What is significance of Shradh kindly read article on Guruji website.

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